When Should You See a Psychiatrist for Anxiety? 

Worry and stress are natural responses in the body. In small amounts, they keep us alert and performing well during situations that are high stakes. As a result, everyone will feel the fear and worry associated with anxiety at some point.

In the past few years, health concerns, intense news, and seemingly endless stressors have caused many people to feel worry almost continuously. This can lead you to wonder if this anxiety is a response you can deal with on your own and one that will go away with time, or if you should seek the help of a psychiatrist who can provide more comprehensive solutions.

Understanding When Worry Becomes Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety. Some are easier to differentiate as disorders than others. For instance, bipolar disorder, which typically has alternating periods of high and low mood, is not a standard emotional response and can almost always benefit from psychiatric management. 

Panic disorder and PTSD will often cause more extreme emotional responses in the form of panic attacks or intense anxiety in certain moments where you are likely not in actual danger.

Generalized anxiety disorder can be a bit more difficult to detect. With GAD, your fight or flight response and stress seem to always be in the on position. The symptoms of generalized anxiety can build up slowly over time so you do not realize how intense they have gotten.

It is a good time to seek anxiety treatment from a psychiatrist if your worry and stress have reached a level where it is causing any of the following:

  • Difficulty concentrating at work, school, or on personal tasks.
  • Holding you back from doing activities you enjoy.
  • Straining your relationships.
  • Leading to depressive feelings like hopelessness or worthlessness.
  • Preventing you from engaging with other people.
  • Triggering physical symptoms like insomnia, stomach upset, or pain. 

It may also be worth reaching out to a psychiatrist if you find anxiety is making you unhappy and dissatisfied. Talking one on one with a psychiatrist in Dallas experienced in treating anxiety can give you more insight into what you are feeling. At Aware Behavioral Health, we can find the right solutions for managing symptoms of anxiety, limiting feelings of stress, and helping you feel more in control of your mental health. 

Our anxiety treatment in Dallas treats all the different forms of anxiety. If you have been dealing with intense stress and worry, make an appointment at Aware Behavioral Health to start getting help.

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