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Learn to Cope with Adjustment and Adjustment Disorder with Dallas Psychiatrist Dr. Surin Sehdev

Change can be stressful. Whether you are starting a new job, moving to a new city, or ending a relationship, dealing with the changes can cause stress. Usually, these feelings go away on their own as you settle into your new reality, but this is not always the case. When feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression do not subside after a change, you may have an adjustment disorder.

Adjustment disorders are a mental health condition where you have a strong negative behavioral or emotional response to a change in your life, or the response is ongoing. Adjustment disorders can happen to everyone and are especially common in teenagers who may be less experienced in managing feelings of stress.

Dr. Sehdev at Aware Behavioral Health treats adjustment disorders in adolescents and adults.  As a Dallas psychiatrist, he is trained in using a combination of talk therapy, medication, and other solutions to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression caused by life changes. Set up a virtual appointment today by calling us at 888-677-4562.

Understanding Adjustment Disorder

Going through a change in your life often results in some stress. Feeling overwhelmed or out of control is natural, particularly in the first 3 months after a change such as:

  • Start of a new job.
  • Loss of a job or retirement.
  • Move to a new city.
  • Going to college.
  • Break up or divorce.
  • Getting married.
  • Having a baby.
  • Getting diagnosed with a chronic or fatal illness.
  • Loss of a loved one.

When symptoms last after the 3-month mark, it is often a sign of adjustment disorder. Adjustment order can present in several different ways, and does not look the same in everyone. Psychiatrists often divide the different forms characterized by depression, anxiety, behavioral disturbance, emotional disturbance, or a combination of these.

Depending on what form of adjustment disorder you are experiencing, you may have a depressed mood, constant worry, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, trouble focusing, harmful behavior, and trouble at work, school, or in your relationships. The most extreme adjustment disorder symptoms can include suicide.

Certain challenges in your life can make it more likely that you will experience an adjustment disorder in response to change, and it can be helpful to address these in addition to the current stress you are experiencing. Other mental health conditions, a history of stress or trauma from childhood, and ongoing stressors in addition to the change can make it more difficult to navigate a change.

Our Approach for Adjustment Disorder Treatment in Dallas

Treatment for adjustment disorder, or any mental health condition you are experiencing, always begins with getting to know you. By learning about the changes and challenges you are facing and the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors your body is responding with, we can develop a treatment strategy.

The goals with adjustment disorder treatment are to both manage symptoms and help you adjust to life changes in a positive way. Dr. Sehdev can do this through a variety of methods, all customized into a custom treatment plan for you. These methods may include:

  • Antidepressant and Antianxiety Medication – Dr. Sehdev may prescribe medications that reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety that accompany adjustment disorder.
  • Talk Therapy – Therapy modalities like CBY can be very helpful in redirecting thoughts and negative emotions surrounding a life adjustment.
  • Coping Skills, Resources, and More – We also have a range of solutions like teaching life skills, providing support resources, and others to help reduce stress, build resilience, and improve your outlook on the change in your life.

We can also include treatment for other mental health disorders. Conditions like anxiety and clinical depression make you more susceptible to an adjustment disorder. When we treat these, you will often be more resilient to future changes and avoid a recurrence of adjustment disorder in the future.

Why Make an Appointment with Aware Behavioral Health

When you are depressed or anxious after a life change, you can feel stuck and overwhelmed. You may feel like you are missing out if the change was a good one, such as a new baby, or will not be able to go back to normal if the change was unwanted.

The truth is that, with the right tools, an adjustment disorder is temporary. Dr. Sehdev can work with you or your teen to help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, and help you move towards embracing the change.

Our office is a judgment-free space that focuses on you and your challenges. At Aware Behavioral Health, you will feel heard and know you have the support of an experienced psychiatrist. Our appointments for adjustment treatment disorders in Dallas, Bedford, Fort Worth, and the surrounding area are currently over telehealth for your safety and comfort. Request an appointment via the online form or call Aware Behavioral Health to learn more.

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