Anxiety is a common mental health condition, and one that presents itself in different ways. Panic disorder is a type of anxiety, characterized by periods of intense, often debilitating anxiety attacks that may also come with physical symptoms that mimic other health issues, like heart attacks.

Anxiety responds well to both psychotherapy and medication, and often a combination of both is the best approach for panic attacks and panic disorder. For those that would like to learn more about our psychiatric treatment for anxiety in Dallas, please contact Aware Behavioral Health today at 888-677-4562.


Panic disorder is a severe, often self-sustaining form of anxiety. The fear of having another panic attack can trigger an attack, making it harder to manage it without help. The symptoms can also be debilitating, and it is not uncommon for those with panic disorder to find themselves overwhelmed. It may also lead to agoraphobia (fear of being outside or in an unfamiliar environment), which can affect a person’s quality of life.

But anxiety responds well to treatment. Medication assisted treatments (MAT) for panic attacks can be especially effective, especially when combined with psychological support:

  • Medication for panic disorder provides more immediate relief, helping reduce the frequency and severity of anxiety attacks.
  • Therapy and other behavioral interventions provide the patient with coping and support mechanisms to make it possible to manage anxiety better.

Dr. Sehdev’s role as Dallas psychiatrists that specializes in anxiety and panic disorder is to find the combination of solutions that is best suited for you. We talk to you about your experience, review your medical and treatment history, and determine the best approach to manage your anxiety and help prevent future panic attacks.

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