Sex is an essential part of most people’s lives and relationships. But sexual disorders are a common challenge that make it difficult for people to enjoy sex and please their partner, potentially harming your quality of life and relationship. Over ⅓ of men and women may experience a sexual disorder at some point in their lives, and treatment can help.

Aware Behavioral Health provides sexual dysfunction consultations in Dallas for men and women of all ages. We treat a range of sexual disorders using a holistic approach that addresses both the mental and physical causes of dysfunction. To begin getting treatment, call us at 888-677-4562.

Consultations for Sexual Dysfunction Disorders

Sexual dysfunction includes several different disorders that can make it difficult to have or enjoy sex when you otherwise want to do so. The types of sexual dysfunction we treat at Aware Behavioral Health include:

  • Erectile Dysfunction – Commonly called ED, this disorder can keep you from getting erect or maintaining an erection long enough to finish sex. It is more common in older people, but can occur at any age because of psychological factors, hormone changes, and physical illness.
  • Premature Ejaculation – This disorder is when ejaculation frequently occurs before you intend to. While it is a common occurrence on occasion, it is generally considered a problem if early ejaculations happen in at least half of your sexual encounters.
  • Sexual Arousal Disorder – Also known as genetial arousal disorder, people with sexual arousal disorder have trouble becoming aroused or staying aroused throughout sex. It can be due to age, fluctuating hormones, physical health, ideas you hold about sex, and the quality of your relationship.

These issues can make it difficult for you, or potentially your partner, to enjoy sex. If they have become a challenge, we can determine a treatment to address any psychological and physical issues behind the disorder.

Our Solutions for Treating Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual disorders can have many different causes. While most forms of sexual dysfunction respond well to treatment, it is often important to understand what is causing the issue in order to choose the most effective treatment.

For instance, a sexual disorder can be the result of changing hormones or medical age. Medications or drug use may also cause physical issues that can hinder sexual performance. Emotional upset – stress, anxiety, other mental health conditions, PTSD from past trauma, or problems with a relationship – can also translate into physical problems.

Once we understand why you are facing challenges, we can plan for relevant treatment that includes methods like:

  • Medication for Sexual Dysfunction – A variety of medications can help you get and maintain an erection for longer, or stimulate sexual drive. When appropriate, we can prescribe medications depending on your medical history and needs.
  • Therapy – Talk therapy may help you minimize anxiety, depression, or stress that diminishes enjoyment of sex. We can also work through past traumas, mental health concerns, or concerns with your relationship with psychotherapy.
  • Additional Solutions – Depending on the cause of your sexual dysfunction, we can suggest additional resources, skills, and more to help overcome sexual performance issues and bring you and your partner more enjoyment during sex.

With a variety of treatments available, we adjust our approach to help you manage physical symptoms and any psychological or mental health conditions that are negatively impacting your sex life.

Why Turn to Dr. Sehdev and Aware Behavioral Health for Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Sexual dysfunction can have many emotions associated with it. You may feel embarrassment, stress, anxiety, and a sense of inadequacy. By the time they seek help, many people have experienced challenges in their relationships due to sexual dysfunction that only adds to those negative emotions.

We understand that the stigmas and expectations associated with sex can make seeking treatment for sexual dysfunction a challenge. That is why we create an open environment that is free of judgment where you can honestly discuss your concerns.

Dr. Sehdev is experienced in treating a range of sexual disorders. With expertise in a range of treatment options, he is able to cater treatment to your needs and goals. His goal is to help you feel confident and satisfied with your sex life, and he will continue working with you to reach that goal.

For people in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Bedford, Grapevine, and Colleyville, Aware Behavioral Health can help you overcome sexual dysfunction symptoms. Dr. Sehdev provides telepsychiatry, meeting with patients anywhere in the area via phone or video. Get started with your first appointment by contacting us at 888-677-4562 or via our contact form.