Sexual Arousal Disorder

Treatment for Sexual Arousal Disorder with Dallas Psychiatrist Dr. Surin Sehdev

For men and women alike, sexual desire changes throughout your lifetime and the course of a relationship. But when sexual interest and ability to become aroused decreases or goes away – and it causes you problems in your life – this can be considered sexual arousal disorder.

Dr. Surin Sehdev at Aware Behavioral Health offers treatment for sexual arousal disorder in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. He works with men and women of all ages to assess your challenges when it comes to getting aroused and customize a treatment plan using medication and therapy that will help you rejuvenate your interest in sex and physical intimacy. Reach out to us at 888-677-4562 to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Sexual Arousal Disorder

Sexual arousal is complex. Sometimes, the factors that affect arousal are not a “Disorder” but rather a natural reaction to a relationship. Some people also struggle with sexual arousal, but do not find it to be a problem. But for others, the inability to be aroused and feel intimacy is something that causes them and their partners stress, and when that happens, it is often useful to seek treatment.

Sexual arousal disorder can stem from a range of causes, many of which may be mental and emotional, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Past Abuse
  • Body Image
  • Beliefs About Sex

Physical health can also play a part in sexual arousal disorder. Age, low sex hormones, a recent pregnancy, or other physical health conditions and their medications can reduce your ability to become aroused.

An effective solution for sexual arousal disorder will consider all of the potential causes of your disorder and adapt a treatment accordingly. Sexual arousal disorder has several types of medications available that can help increase libido. We may also discuss therapy, including both talk therapy and therapeutic measures to help stimulate your sex drive. Talk therapy in particular can give you the tools to mitigate stress and mood disorders that impact your sexual performance.

If we determine that depression, anxiety, PTSD, or another mental health concern is playing a part in your sexual dysfunction, Dr. Sehdev has the training and expertise to treat a variety of mental health conditions as well.

Why Treat Sexual Arousal Disorder at Aware Behavioral Health

With causes for sexual dysfunction ranging from mental health challenges to physical changes in your body, Dr. Sehdev can provide the best treatment for sexual arousal disorder. As a psychiatrist, he is experienced in addressing the physical and psychological causes that often combine to cause problems with sexual performance.

We offer sexual arousal disorder treatment to patients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Bedford, Colleyville, and other towns and cities in the area. Each of our appointments is offered over phone or video, making it convenient for you to meet from the comfort of your home or workplace.

You can call us at 888-677-4562 or use the contact form to get more information on our treatments, get answers to any questions, and set up an initial appointment.

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