Premature Ejaculation

Treatment for Premature Ejaculation with Dallas Psychiatrist Dr. Surin Sehdev

Sex is not typically measured in time, but in pleasure. But for those that find they’re finishing faster than they wanted, that pleasure can be reduced. It’s not uncommon to experience unwanted emotions like shame or embarrassment, and that shame can affect the intimacy and enjoyment of your relationship.

Premature ejaculation is one of the sexual dysfunction conditions we treat at Aware Behavioral Health. Offering treatment for premature ejaculation in Dallas, Dr. Sehdev uses a combination of the latest medications, therapy, and other solutions to help you improve your sex life. Contact us at 888-677-4562 to schedule an appointment.

Determining If Premature Ejaculation Needs Treatment

Almost every man experiences premature ejaculation at some point. It is extremely common in younger men, but tends to decrease over time without ever needing treatment.

It is when premature ejaculation occurs frequently, causing sex to be unsatisfactory for you and your partner, that it becomes an issue. In these cases, Dr. Sehdev utilizes a variety of methods to increase your stamina with solutions specific to the cause of premature ejaculation.

Generally, premature ejaculation is rooted in the psychological causes of stress or anxiety. These may be related to sex, or due to something else you are experiencing in your life. However, once you start experiencing premature ejaculation during sex, worry that it will occur again can heighten your anxiety, starting a cycle that can be hard to end on your own.

Physiological factors, such as hormones, injuries, and medications you may be taking can also lead to premature ejaculation. Once we determine the reasons behind premature ejaculation, Dr. Sehdev can design a treatment plan to help you last longer during sex.

Treatments We Use for Premature Ejaculation

Because premature ejaculation is often a source of anxiety and discomfort, our first goal at Aware Behavioral Health is to create a safe environment where you can feel confident your concerns are heard. Our goal is to help you feel your best, both in the bedroom and out of it, and we have the most effective treatments to do so, including:

  • Prescription Medication – Dr. Sehdev can prescribe a variety of oral and topical medications that enable you to last longer during sex.
  • Mental Health Counseling – Since premature ejaculation can be caused or worsened by mental health conditions, talk therapy can help you manage feelings of anxiety and stress.
  • More Options – As needed, we can offer guidance and resources to further improve your sexual performance.

We select our treatment approach on the information you provide during your consultation. Our experience with an array of techniques means we can manage premature ejaculation from a psychological and physical perspective, giving you a more effective and lasting solution.

Aware Behavioral Health is the leading choice for premature ejaculation treatment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We use virtual appointments to meet with our clients for convenient and effective assistance with your sexual health issues. Request an appointment through the contact form or at 888-677-4562.

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