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Your mental health is an essential part of your overall well being. It plays into your physical health and changes how you interact with others and see yourself. But the truth is that the majority of people in Bedford will face a challenge to their mental wellness at some point in their lives. 

If you feel like something is off in your life, or you’re struggling with a mental health disorder, working with a psychiatrist in Bedford can help.

Aware Behavioral Health with Dr. Sehdev provides psychiatrist services in Bedford for adults and children experiencing a variety of mental health challenges. Our treatments rely on medication, talk therapy, and the support you require to be your best self.

We offer psychiatrist appointments in Bedford currently available via TeleHealth for your safety, making it convenient for patients in the area to receive help from our Dallas-based office. To get started as a new patient or find out more about our therapy in Bedford, call us at 888-677-4562 or submit a message through our online form.


We know that all of our patients are more than a diagnosis, and we work to understand you as a person beyond your symptoms. But these symptoms are also what is causing your problems, so diagnosing your condition gives us a helpful starting point to begin treatment. A small sample of the conditions we treat include:

  • Depression – Depression is far more than intense sadness. It is a condition that affects both the mind and body, in ways that lead to emptiness, sleep disorders, and more. For depression treatment in Bedford, we have therapy and medication based solutions.
  • Anxiety – We treat a range of anxiety conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, PTSD, panic disorder, and specific phobias. Our Bedford anxiety treatment can reduce symptoms with medication.
  • Insomnia – Chronic insomnia can be frustrating and debilitating. We can prescribe medication to help you fall and stay asleep. If insomnia is part of another condition such as depression or anxiety, we can address the larger issues as well.
  • ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a lifelong condition that is most often diagnosed in children,  but can also be found in adults. For any demographic, we manage ADHD with medications and can also work through a lack of self-confidence, anxiety, and other conditions that can result from ADHD.
  • Opioid Addiction – Opioids are highly addictive, but assistance from medications and the support of a trained psychiatrist can help you safely manage physical withdrawal symptoms and curtail the compulsion to continue with the drug.
  • Sexual Dysfunction – Impotence, sexual arousal disorder, and premature ejaculation can make it difficult for you and your partner to enjoy sex and intimacy. We determine if the cause is mental, such as anxiety, or health related to choose the correct treatment option for sexual dysfunction.

Even if your mental health challenge is not listed here, we may still be able to help with medication and psychotherapy. The various mental health conditions impact everyone in different ways. We analyze your symptoms to be sure we are providing the best care for your condition.


The foundation of our work at Aware Behavioral Health is working with each patient as an individual. You understand your symptoms and the impact they have on your life best. By taking our time to understand your specific experiences without judgment, we can give you an accurate diagnosis that forms the base of our treatment plan.

As a psychiatrist in Bedford, Dr. Sehdev promotes the mental wellbeing of his clients through:

  • Medication-Assisted Therapy – Often called MAT, this approach to mental health uses a variety of medications to control the different chemicals in the brain that trigger emotional and physical responses. Many disorders have several medications available, offering us a range of solutions depending on your experience.
  • Psychotherapy – Talk therapy is an effective way to build the strategies you need to manage many disorders. Using CBT and other modalities, we work together to understand the causes of your condition and practice coping mechanisms.
  • Other Strategies – We help many of our clients with support in other ways as well. This can include skills training, lifestyle adjustments, and more to assist you in managing the symptoms of your disorder.

Every person has a unique situation, so your treatment will depend on your needs. MAT is a first step for many of our patients with additional options used as needed. We may adjust your treatment over time as well as your mental health progresses.


Although it is important, mental health for many people is a highly personal concern, and seeking treatment can often be a source of stress, uncertainty, and even embarrassment. Dr. Sehdev understands these concerns and works to make his appointments a safe place for you. We want you to feel comfortable expressing your concerns and mental health goals and feel confident that you are heard and getting the support you need.

Dr. Sehdev has extensive experience in treating all of the mental health conditions you may experience and has worked with many of the demographics in Bedford. Whatever your difficulties, he has the knowledge and tools to help you overcome them. Contact us today through the online form or 888-677-4562 to learn more about our Bedford psychiatry.

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