Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in Dallas, TX

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Erectile dysfunction – a condition that affects your ability to get an erection and maintain it throughout sex – can be a stressful concern that affects your self-confidence, pleasure during sex, and intimate relationship with your partner. It is a challenge that many people deal with, but also one that generally responds well to treatment.

Aware Behavioral Health can help if ongoing sexual performance issues have negatively impacted your sex life. We offer erectile dysfunction treatment in Dallas and the surrounding areas with the leading treatments for ED. Dr. Sehdev has worked with men of all ages to revitalize their sex life and help them feel more confident. Call us at 888-677-4562 to schedule a caring and discrete appointment.

Solutions We Provide for ED

Almost 90% of cases of erectile dysfunction can be solved with treatment. The most challenging part of treatment for many people is often choosing to speak with a psychiatrist about your sexual health for the first time. This leaves many people dealing with erectile dysfunction on their own for years and experiencing a drop in self-esteem, stress and anxiety, and relationship troubles as a result.

Aware Behavioral Health creates a comfortable environment where you openly express your concerns and troubles without judgment, and with the confidence that you are supported. This is also what enables us to treat erectile dysfunction so successfully.

We see each of our patients as people first and use a holistic approach to dealing with sexual disorders. We start by understanding your overall mental and physical health in order to understand how those may contribute to erectile dysfunction. Age and changing hormones are the leading causes of ED, but other physical and psychological causes can contribute. With a better picture of what is impacting your sexual performance, we can design a treatment plan that includes:

  • Erectile Dysfunction Medication – We can prescribe a variety of medications that increase your ability to get and maintain an erection throughout sex. We manage medications carefully to get you the best results with limited side effects.
  • Therapy – ED can both stem from mental health issues and lead to challenges with anxiety and self-esteem that make ED worse. Talk therapy can give you the tools to manage depression, anxiety, and stress to keep them from interfering with sexual performance.
  • Other Options – Among the other factors that can contribute to ED, drinking, drug use, lack of exercise, and relationship issues can often be helped through lifestyle changes or other forms of support. We can work with you to determine what changes or resources might help.

Our range of treatment options makes it possible for us to find a treatment that works for you, even if past treatment approaches have not had the desired result.

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