Qb Testing for ADHD at Aware Behavioral Health in Dallas, TX

Aware Behavioral Health in Dallas is pleased to be able to offer ADHD Qb testing for the DFW area. Qb testing, which stands for Quantitative Behavioral Testing, is a type of electronic diagnostic test that is used by psychiatrists to help assess ADHD symptoms, aid in diagnosis, and plan more comprehensive treatments.

By mapping a patient’s motions during recorded responses to stimuli, psychiatrists, including Dr. Sehdev at Aware Behavioral Health, are able to better gauge the severity and symptoms of ADHD when compared to data from people of similar ages. 

Qb testing is a well recognized, effective way to provide analysis and aiding in the diagnosis of ADHD. Simple and unobtrusive, Qb testing allows for smooth transition into therapy and other treatments for those living with attention deficit disorder. This method has made it significantly easier to identify patients with ADHD, and begin treatment them accordingly.

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The Subtle Symptoms of ADHD

As our understanding of ADHD has evolved and the diagnostic process has become more nuanced, we have gained a broader perspective on ADHD symptoms. In addition to the commonly recognized symptoms of inattentiveness and hyperactivity, ADHD can manifest in other ways, including:

  • “Careless” Mistakes
  • Unnecessary Risks
  • Daydreaming
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Impatience
  • Losing Items
  • Prone To Fidgeting

But these symptoms can also be confused with individual differences between patients or may be difficult to notice at the time of assessment. For example, individuals with anxiety may fidget. Or individuals with ADHD may not drop things or lose items during assessments. Some people may just be prone to risk taking, without an association with ADHD.

Sometimes, it is helpful to look for diagnostic tools that are even less subjective, and use testing and assessments that help us identify it in ways that may not be easy to miss. That is one of the goals of Qb testing. It is a means of assessment that looks for subtle, scientific differences between patients with and without ADHD.

How Qb Testing Aids in ADHD Diagnosis

The QB tests – both “QBTest” and “QBCheck” – were developed by neuropsychologists in Sweden, and approved by the FDA as a way to assess ADHD in children, teens, and adults. The QbTest process consists of a computer test of sorts, almost like a computer game. Symbols are shown on the screen while the patient must simply push a button when they see the symbols.

By placing a small headband and ball in front of a computer and a camera behind to monitor infrared data, we are able to analyze not only the responses being received, but also the attention methods exercised by the patient completing the test. 

The Qb testing method has proven quite effective in identifying signs of attention deficit when in comparison to control patients of the same age. With no language barriers or “wrong” answers, the process is also perfect for younger patients who are still getting used to psychiatry appointments.

Why Choose Aware Behavioral Health for ADHD Diagnosis in Dallas, TX?

As a psychiatrist that specializes in ADHD, Dr. Sehdev uses Qb testing as one of many ways to assess ADHD patients. But it is an effective one that offers more insight, including information that may have been missed by other forms of testing.

Let us help you focus and find confidence in day-to-day life. Request an appointment at Aware Behavioral Health today by calling 888-677-4562 or filling out our online form.

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