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Millions of people suffer from mental health issues every year, including thousands here in Fort Worth. Increasing internal and external stressors, faster-paced lives, and additional pressure has mental health problems on the rise, and genetics, life experiences, and more all contribute to moderate to severe mental health challenges. 

Fortunately, mental health treatments through psychiatry in Fort Worth have also improved. With the use of modern medications, as well as therapy and support, many of those suffering from a mental health condition are able to control symptoms and find joy and contentment in life once more.

Dr. Sehdev is a Fort Worth psychiatrist with Aware Behavioral Health who specializes working with patients who are experiencing a wide range of disorders. Whatever you are struggling with, he provides the tools you need to begin your recovery. Set up a virtual psychiatry appointment in Fort Worth when you call us at 888-677-4562.


A mental health condition can cause symptoms that disrupt your life. They may impact only certain situations like social events or intimacy with your partner. Or they may be an ever present concern that you cannot seem to escape. However you experience the symptoms of a mental health disorder, our team at Aware Behavioral Health knows how challenging living with a disorder can be.

We work with our patients to treat the symptoms and underlying causes of many mental health conditions, including:

  • Depression – Symptoms of depression can include withdrawal, exhaustion, a feeling of pointlessness, lack of interest, and suicidal thoughts. In addition to the feelings themselves, many people find that depression negatively impacts other areas of their life like relationships. Depression is a highly treatable condition with a variety of antidepressants and therapies available to help.
  • Anxiety Disorders – Anxiety is excessive and often debilitating worry that you cannot rationalize away even when you know there is no cause for it. Your anxiety may be triggered by certain events or objects, which is common for those who suffer from PTSD, social anxiety, or other phobias. It may come on suddenly with panic disorder or be an almost constant issue with generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Insomnia – Continuous difficulty falling asleep or being unable to sleep restfully will soon take a toll on your physical and mental health. Lack of regular sleep puts you at increased risk for anxiety, depression, and heart disease. With insomnia, it is important to improve your sleep as well as determine any issue that may be preventing good sleep.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Present in children and adults, ADHD often makes it difficult to pay attention and often leads to excessive activity and impulsiveness. This can impact performance at work and school, and will often lead to self esteem issues, anxiety, and depression. We usually treat ADHD in Fort Worth through medication and use medication and therapy to handle associated conditions.
  • Opioid Use – Addiction to prescription and non-prescription opioids is often uncontrollable even as it damages your relationships, finances, and career. It also puts you at risk of overdose. Opioid addiction treatment in Fort Worth can help you successfully complete withdrawal and provide support to prevent a relapse.

We can also treat dozens of other mental health conditions. If you are feeling overwhelmed by emotions or behaviors you cannot seem to control, we will work with you to find a cause and create a plan for treatment.


As a Fort Worth psychiatrist, Dr. Sehdev is a medical doctor who specializes in understanding the emotional and physical effects of various mental health conditions, and then uses medications to treat them. Medication assisted therapy is essential in the treatment plans of many of our patients and is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the uncomfortable or debilitating symptoms of many mental health disorders.

In creating your treatment plan, Dr. Sehdev works directly with you to understand your symptoms and prescribes the medication that will be most effective in managing them. This is often an ongoing conversation between you and Dr. Sehdev with adjustments as needed so that we can be sure you are continuously receiving the best possible care.

Another aspect of your treatment may include psychotherapy, otherwise known as talk therapy. Therapy in Fort Worth can often give you further insight into your mental health challenges, provide better control over your thoughts and emotions, and teach you skills to reduce stress, anxiety, impulses, and more.

Psychiatry may also recommend lifestyle changes, family support and involvement, and other strategies to supplement medication assisted therapy based on your specific situation. And regardless of your treatment plan, Aware Behavioral Health provides a space free of judgment where you can be vulnerable and trust you will get the assistance you need.


Finding a psychiatrist in Fort Worth that matches you and the care you need can be a challenge. You want a psychiatrist who will take the time to listen to your concerns, who will understand what you are going through, and who has the expertise to help you.

Dr. Sehdev has extensive education and professional experience in helping patients throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth area. He has diagnosed and successfully treated a range of mental health disorders through his patient-centered approach to mental wellness.

To learn more about Aware Behavioral Health or schedule an appointment with a Fort Worth psychiatrist, call us today at 888-677-4562 or send a message through the contact form below.

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