Autism Spectrum Disorder Treatment in Dallas, TX

Autism is a developmental disability and lifelong condition that affects the way you learn, interact with people, and perceive the world. If you or your child is autistic, professional therapy in Dallas can often help manage symptoms and foster positive growth.

Autism diagnoses are on the rise, with as many as 1 in 54 people identifying as autistic. Much of this increase is due to better understanding of autism spectrum disorder, which also enables us to provide better treatment and management.

Aware Behavioral Health provides autism treatment in Dallas for adolescents and adults led by Dr. Surin Sehdev. Dr. Sehdev’s patient centered approach provides treatment designed around you and your needs that can include medication, psychotherapy, and more. Get more information about our autism treatment when you call us at 888-677-4562 or send a message through the form.

Symptoms and Characteristics of Autism

Autism is not a specific disorder, but a spectrum, and people who are autistic can fall anywhere on that spectrum. This means that everyone who experiences autism may have different symptoms and severity of symptoms. Some people can be extremely affected. Others have more mild symptoms in line with the condition that was previously known as Asperger’s Syndrome.

A few of the most common characteristics that autism causes are:

  • Have trouble speaking or be nonverbal.
  • Have concurrent learning disabilities or challenges.
  • Trouble understand non-literal meanings.
  • Be unable to interpret facial expressions and emotions.
  • Struggle to relate to and understand others.
  • Engage in repetitive behaviors.
  • Be sensitive to certain sounds, textures, tastes, and smells.
  • Have in-depth and highly specific interests.
  • Thrive on routine and become upset when routines change.

Without intervention, autism can result in a struggle to establish independence or the ability to move away from home. Many people with autism often struggle with finding and keeping employment, education, and forming relationships with other people.

Autism spectrum disorder is often diagnosed in children, but not always. In some people, symptoms become more prevalent as the person enters puberty. Many adults with autism also have mild symptoms that go undetected until they reach adulthood, often confused with other mental health conditions.

Aware Behavioral Health can help if you already have an autism spectrum diagnosis, or if you suspect you or someone you love may be autistic and would like to understand this mental challenge with the guidance of a trained and empathetic psychiatrist.

How We Treat Autism at Aware Behavioral Health

So often with a developmental disability, it can feel like the world sees you as your diagnosis rather than who you really are. We don’t do that at Aware Behavioral Health. Our patients always come first, and we do not allow the challenges and symptoms to define the character of those we treat.

Instead, we work with our patients as individuals to set and meet the goals that are meaningful to you, whether you want greater autonomy and independence, to decrease irritability and sensitivities, to build social skills, or to improve performance at work and school.

Autism does not have a cure, but we can use the following techniques to make it more manageable for you, your child, and your family:

  • Medication – There are various medications that can be used to relieve irritability that autism can cause, and symptoms of depression or anxiety that can occur alongside autism also respond well to medication assisted autism treatment.
  • Psychotherapy – Various forms of talk therapy can help develop emotion range, social skills, and emotional processing. These can make it easier to relate to others, improve school and work performance, and reduce stress for people with autism.
  • Skill Building, Speech Therapy, and More – When necessary, Dr. Sehdev can recommend speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other solutions to help you succeed.

Our goal is to help you live a happy and fulfilled life in whatever way you define it. 

Why Treat Autism in Dallas at Aware Behavioral Health

An autism diagnosis can be a lifelong challenge for you and your family. The support you need starts with an experienced and understanding therapist. Dr. Sehdev treats a range of mental health conditions and works with patients and their families to create ongoing treatment programs for autism spectrum disorder and related challenges. His experience, training, and dedication to your needs make it possible to provide effective treatment.

We serve patients in Bedford, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, and the surrounding areas. Currently, we meet with patients online over video, providing you a telehealth option that gets you the support you need from your home. Call us or use the online form to make your first appointment.