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Nearly everyone will deal with a mental health challenge at some point in their lives. For many people, this challenge can be a lifelong disorder or a condition that does not go away on its own. If you have been diagnosed or are finding that depression, extreme anxiety, or another issue is holding you back from living your best life, psychiatry may be the answer.

Dr. Sehdev is a psychiatrist in Dallas with Aware Behavioral Health who works with patients experiencing a range of mental health conditions. Our treatment relies on medication and, when needed, talk therapy and other support methods with the goal of helping you manage or reduce symptoms.

We encourage you to call us at 888-677-4562 to set up an appointment or learn more about our psychiatry services. We are currently offering virtual appointments to our patients in Dallas and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Many challenges can get in the way of your happiness and the fulfillment you receive from your family, friends, career, hobbies, travel, and other experiences that would otherwise bring you joy. When these challenges are the result of a disorder or mental health condition, psychiatry offers several treatment methods that put you back in control of your mental well-being.

Some of the disorders we treat in Dallas include:

  • Depression – One of the most common mental health disorders in Dallas, depression can limit your ability to function day to day. We often treat clinical depression and bipolar disorder with a combination of medication to manage immediate symptoms and psychotherapy to provide long-term management.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety diagnoses can include generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, and specific phobias. Like depression, different medication can limit your symptoms while therapy provides coping mechanisms for many patients.
  • ADHD – We diagnose and treat both childhood ADHD and adult ADHD. This disorder is one that can generally be well managed by medications. We can include psychotherapy in treatment for patients where ADHD has led to other conditions like anxiety or depression.
  • Opioid Use – Addiction to opioids takes over the lives of those affected and their families. We use medication to limit the compulsion to use opioids and the withdrawal symptoms as you cease use. Therapy and medications can also address what led to the addiction to make relapses less likely.
  • Insomnia – The lack of restful sleep as a result of chronic insomnia will quickly affect many areas of your life. Insomnia treatment often involves a combination of medication to induce sleep, therapy to lessen anxiety or other factors that make you restless, and lifestyle changes to help you sleep better.
  • Sexual Dysfunction – Whether sexual dysfunction is the result of a health issue – such as premature ejaculation or impotence – or a symptom of another condition like depression or anxiety, it can impact your relationships and own quality of life. There are several medications available that we can use to treat sexual dysfunction in women or men.

As a Dallas psychiatrist, Dr. Sehdev is also able to treat a broad range of psychiatric and psychological conditions, and because he is able to both provide therapy and medication, it is possible for him to support you no matter what struggle you may face. 

While we treat specific disorders, we also know that each of our patients has a different experience with their mental health. At Aware Behavioral Health, we believe that working with each of our clients individually enables us to build a psychiatric treatment plan that meets your specific needs.


As a psychiatrist, Dr. Sehdev’s work often utilizes medically assisted treatments. There are many ways to approach mental health treatment, and the most successful treatments often include a combination of medication and therapy.

Medication often provides more immediate relief from the symptoms that you are experiencing, and can provide the means of managing those symptoms in the long term so that we can minimize the impact depression, anxiety, addictions, and other mental conditions have on your life.

With many conditions, including psychology-based therapy in your treatment plan gives you an opportunity to work with your psychiatrist and better understand and challenge the causes and symptoms of the disorder. It also builds positive coping mechanisms to help you deal with any symptoms that remain after medication.

We start by first assessing your symptoms so we can offer a diagnosis. Dr. Sehdev then determines if medication is right for you, and which of the available options will be most effective with your symptoms, history, and mental wellness goals.

We continue to support you throughout your ongoing care, and can alter your treatment plan as needed as we work together to improve your mental health.


Struggling with mental health can feel overwhelming, and the challenges often lead to a self-sustaining cycle that can be impossible to break out of without help. Psychiatry in Dallas gives you the tools you need to end that cycle.

If you are searching for a Dallas psychiatrist, Dr. Sehdev provides judgment-free and individualized services to help you overcome your mental health challenges. Send us a message through the online form or call today at 888-677-4562 to set up your appointment.

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