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Over time, your mental and physical health needs may change, as do the medications you need to manage those conditions. You may need to add or remove medications from your regimen, increase or decrease doses, or make other changes to ensure that your medications are working well for you.

As a Dallas psychiatrist, Dr. Sehdev and the team at Aware Behavioral Health can provide an in-depth medication review to make sure that any medications or supplements you are taking are contributing to your improved health without unwanted side effects, and make changes based on your feedback to help you feel your best. Schedule a medication review in Dallas at Aware Behavioral Health by contacting us at 888-677-4562.

Purpose of a Medication Review

Approximately two-thirds of people in Dallas take at least one prescription medication. Many people need 2 or more, and still others use supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies. You may use these medications to manage mental health symptoms, chronic illnesses , and physical conditions.

But there are many factors that will determine whether or not a drug produces the desired results without extreme side effects. Some of these factors include your biology, lifestyle, other prescriptions you may be taking, and how much of each drug in your dosage. These factors can also change over time and your situation now may not be the same as when you first start taking a specific prescription.

The goal of occasional medication reviews is to be sure that your prescription medication regime is still meeting your needs and offers an opportunity to make any necessary changes. The review will help us determine that:

  • The medications you are taking are working effectively.
  • No medications are having adverse reactions or causing side effects.
  • You are taking the optimal dosage of each drug.
  • Whether we need to add or remove medications for better results.

A medication review is also extremely focused on what you were feeling. You have the most insight into your personal health and the side effects you are experiencing, so a medication review is also a key time for you to bring up challenges and specific questions.

A prescription medication review is particularly useful if you are taking multiple medications to manage a single condition, or if you are managing multiple physical and mental health conditions with prescriptions.

This is also a standard practice at Aware Behavioral Health before we prescribe any new medications to help you treat a mental health condition. Since we need to be aware of what you are currently taking to avoid prescribing any medications that might conflict.

Medication review is also a valuable tool if you are considering quitting any medications that you are currently taking for reasons of cost, unwanted side effects, or preference.

How We Conduct a Medication Review 

Medication review is centered around you. For each of our patients, we start the appointment by going through a list of all the prescription medications you are taking, including the doses. We also discuss non-prescribed medications as supplements, herbs, and vitamins that you take on your own or at the recommendation of a doctor. 

For each of the medications you use, Dr. Sehdev will want to know if:

  • You are taking the medication as directed by the prescribing doctor.
  • What improvements in symptoms or other feelings you have noticed from the medication.
  • Any side effects you are experiencing.
  • Any questions or concerns you have about the medication.

We rely on your input and questions as well as our expertise about prescription medication to coordinate an effective medical plan. Once we understand your current prescriptions, we will work with you to decide if any changes may be needed, whether it may be valuable to prescribe new medications to help you manage your mental health or change dosage of medication you are currently taking.

As with any changes to medication, prescription review in Dallas can be an ongoing process. Dr. Sehdev will continue meeting with you if we alter any medications to manage your ongoing progress. We want you to consistently feel your best, both mentally and physically and we will continue to work with you to meet that goal.

Schedule Medication Review with Aware Behavioral Health 

Dr. Sehdev is a Dallas therapist who provides treatment for a wide range mental health conditions using a combination of the latest and most effective medication, therapy, skill training, and lifestyle changes. We know how important effective medication is to minimizing the symptoms of a mental health condition. 

Coupled with our focus on individual patients and judgment-free treatments, we create an environment where you will feel comfortable and receive support in reaching your mental wellness goals.

Our telehealth visits make it easy to meet with Dr. Sehdev from your home in Dallas, Fort Worth, Bedford, Grapevine, and elsewhere in the local area. Learn more about our medication review services and schedule an appointment through our online form or call us at 888-677-4562.