Treatment for Mood Disorders in Dallas, TX

Treatment for Depression and Other Mood Disorders

A mood disorder can cause you to continuously feel sad or anxious and may result in low self esteem or a loss of interest and things you previously enjoyed. Mood disorders, which encompass depression and bipolar disorder, are one of the most common mental health conditions that people in Dallas experience, but they can still be very difficult to manage on your own.

Aware Behavioral Health provides compassionate and effective treatments for mood disorders in Dallas. We use a combination of medically assisted treatment, talk therapy, and other methods to help you reduce the negative feelings that occur as the result of a mood disorder and make lasting changes. Contact us at 888-677-4562 to learn more about our treatment methods and start getting help with depression or bipolar disorder.

Understanding Mood Disorders

Psychiatrists group depression and bipolar disorder into the larger category of mood disorders because they cause intense emotional symptoms.

With depression, people consistently feel down, which may include being sad, empty, or hopeless. Depression can be intense and last for several weeks for those with major depressive disorder. Depression can also be ongoing for years, although the emotional response may not be as extreme, with dysthymia, or persistent depressive disorder.

Bipolar disorder often presents as a series of ups and downs where you alternate between episodes of depression and episodes of mania. During these mania periods, your mood may be very good although you may also feel agitated or engage in risky behavior. This makes it important to manage both the depression and mania episodes of bipolar disorder.

Although there are several different kinds of mood disorders, as a patient-centered Dallas therapist, we are focused on what you as an individual are experiencing in relation to your mood disorders.

Depression and bipolar disorder can cause many symptoms that may include:

  • Consistent sadness or anxiety.
  • Feeling inadequate or helpless.
  • Feeling guilty.
  • Experiencing low self esteem.
  • Feeling excessively tired or experiencing insomnia.
  • Eating more or less than you used to.
  • Having trouble concentrating.
  • Experiencing irritability.
  • Increase in physical health concerns.
  • Loss of interest in activities and relationships.
  • Thoughts of suicide.

While some emotions like sadness, guilt, or hopelessness can be experienced by everyone at different points in their lives, the emotions that result from a mood disorder are far more extreme. They can interfere with your ability to participate and to feel fulfilled in your relationships, to achieve the performance you wish to at school at work, and to enjoy hobbies, vacations, and other pastimes.

How We Treat Mood Disorders in Dallas

Fortunately, depending on the diagnosis and symptoms you experience, mood disorders have several very available treatments and Aware Behavioral Health is able to design a successful treatment plan that will help you improve your mood in the long term.

Our solutions for mood disorders rely on comprehensive treatments. First, we want to understand your needs as an individual. Your diagnosis can provide guidance in the treatment process, but it also helps us to understand your experiences and your history that may contribute to your mood disorder. We also discuss the specific symptoms you are dealing with. This thorough understanding of each of our patients is key to designing effective treatment and ensuring that you get the support you need throughout the process.

When we are ready to move towards treatment, we have a range of different methods we can use individually and in combination, including:

  • Medication – Depression medication is one of the most reliable ways to manage mood disorder symptoms and improve your overall emotional well being. There are a variety of different medications that target mood disorders in specific ways, and Dr. Sehdev will determine which medication will provide the best results for both short term and long term management.
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation – TMS is a newer treatment solution for severe cases of depression. It uses magnetic pulses to promote brain activity in the regions linked to depression. Our TMS therapy in Bedford can often provide relief from depression that has not been reduced through other methods.
  • CBT Therapy – Cognitive behavioral therapy and other forms of psychotherapy assist you in understanding and altering the thoughts and behaviors that may relate to your mood disorder. It can be valuable in providing a reduction in the symptoms that result from a mood disorder.
  • Other Treatment Methods – With our personalized treatment, we can adjust the treatment plan to meet any specific other specific needs you might have, such as training coping skills, life skills, and suggesting changes to your routine.

Because Aware Behavioral Health treats a wide range of mental health conditions, we are also able to address any additional disorders that may have caused your mood disorder or started as a result of it, such as substance abuse, anxiety, and more. We will talk about what other conditions you may be facing in our initial meeting and incorporate those into the treatment process.

Leading Dallas Therapy at Aware Behavioral Health

Dr. Sehdev has treated mental health conditions in Dallas, Fort Worth, Bedford, and Colleyville for many years. He knows that depression and bipolar disorder can leave you feeling disconnected and like there is no path forward, and has made it his goal to provide the support you need on the path to better mental health.

We encourage you to call us at 888-677-4562 or share your challenges with us through the online form so we can start the process and schedule your first appointment with Aware Behavioral Health.

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