Treatment for Stress and Worry in Dallas, TX

Stress Treatment in Dallas

In limited doses, stress and worry can be helpful. They are the body’s physical and mental response to changes or high intensity situations during which they keep you more alert and help you push you through the challenge. But if stress is ongoing and more than you can manage on your own, psychiatric treatment in Dallas can help.

For stress treatment in Dallas, Aware Behavioral Health provides a patient centered approach. We use a combination of medical, psychotherapy, coping skills, and other strategies to help you reduce stress and increase your ability to cope with worry. Learn more about our treatment options and make an appointment at 888-677-4562.

Mental Health Challenges with Stress

Nearly everyone will experience stress at some time in their lives. Our purpose at Aware Behavioral Health is to work with you to determine the severity of your stress and the best method for managing excessive worry and preventing future stress.

Some of the signs of long term worry that we will discuss with you to help determine the scope of the problem include:

  • Recurring Thought Patterns – We will have you share with us the source of worrisome or anxious thoughts that continue to persist.
  • Lifestyle Changes and Circumstances – The situations you are experiencing in your daily life, whether at work or in your personal life, can provide a contextual base for your worries.
  • Physical Symptoms – Stress hormones activate a physical response in the body, but continuous stress can lead to longer term health problems such as soreness, headaches, chest pain, high blood pressure, fatigue, appetite problems, and a weakened immune system.
  • Other Mental Health Challenges – Stress can be the result of different mental health challenges or it can cause them. This often leads stress to occur simultaneously with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, panic disorder, or self-destructive behaviors.

Because you are most familiar with your own experiences and emotions, we base treatment around the specific ways that stress is impacting you. An initial diagnosis of any mental health conditions, like anxiety or substance abuse disorder, are helpful in guiding treatment, but a complete understanding of all your symptoms related to worry enables us to reduce the impact and address the underlying cause.

Why Treat Stress at Aware Behavioral Health

If worry and stress have become persistent emotions in your life, treatment from Aware Behavioral Health is an effective way to manage your response to stress and help reduce worries. We use techniques like:

  • Medication – Antidepressants and anti anxiety medications are useful in altering the chemicals and physical response that stress or anxiety will trigger for immediate reduction in symptoms.
  • Talk Therapy – Modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy and others can give you more control over your emotions and provide coping strategies to prevent stress in the future.
  • Additional Skills and Resources – With extensive knowledge and experience in treating all mental health conditions, we can provide additional resources and the skills you may need to help reduce anxiety.

Your treatment process at Aware Behavioral Health will be managed by Dr. Sehdev, who is able to create an environment where his patients feel heard and understood, and are free to explore their mental health challenges without judgment. Dr. Sehdev’s training in the latest mental health treatment techniques make it possible for us to provide the most comprehensive mental health care in Dallas.

We serve our patients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Grapevine, Bedford, and Irving, virtually to help you feel your best mentally and physically no matter how much stress you are experiencing. Contact Aware Behavioral Health at 888-677-4562 or use our contact form when you are ready to get help mitigating ongoing worry and stress in your life

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