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Alcohol, especially in media, has often been associated with positive experiences – as a substance that can make you feel good, make social experiences easier, and more. Over half of the population drinks alcohol with some regularity. But alcohol is a drug, and like other drugs, it can cause addiction. Known clinically as “alcohol use disorder,” alcoholism is one of the most common mental health conditions in the US. Over 5% of people over the age of 12 misuse alcohol.

When you become dependent on alcohol, your brain and body require you to keep drinking to feel content and cope with problems. This can start to impact your performance at work or school, relationships with others, and your ability to get through the day without being intoxicating, something that puts your health at risk and can endanger those around you.

Aware Behavioral Health offers treatment for alcoholism in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With a combination of medically assisted treatments, psychotherapy, and other resources, as well as a supportive and judgement free team, we are ready to help you take back control Contact us today to set up a virtual appointment and begin the process.

What Are the Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcohol is one of the most regularly used drugs, and many people drink regularly and socially. There is a culture around alcohol. Some of these people may even drink to excess on some days, but not necessarily with consistency.

But this also makes alcohol one of the most widely abused substances, and drinking often can easily shift from a recreational activity to an addiction. Signs that you may have alcohol use disorder include:

  • Being unable to control how often or how much you drink.
  • Having cravings to drink.
  • Spending extensive time each day or week drinking or recovering from drinking.
  • Skipping events where alcohol is not present.
  • Having problems with work, school, or relationships because of alcohol.
  • Drinking when it could be harmful to yourself or others, such as when driving.
  • Continuing to drink alcohol despite physical or psychological problems due to alcohol.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms (shakes, nausea and vomiting, hallucinations, and seizures) when you stop drinking.

Alcoholism can often be accompanied by other mental health conditions that require treatment in order to help you feel your best. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other addictions may cause alcoholism or develop as a result of excessive drinking.

How We Treat Alcohol Addiction in Dallas

There are many reasons a person can have alcohol use disorder. Family history, peer pressure, drinking at a young age, and a past that includes stress and trauma can all increase your risk for alcohol use disorder, but anyone can develop the condition. Often, understanding why excessive drinking started is key in helping us devise a treatment plan.

This is why we focus on you as an individual when you begin alcohol abuse treatment at Aware Behavioral health. Dr. Sehdev starts by learning how alcoholism is affecting you, your family, and your work before working with you to create a treatment plan.

Many plans will often begin with detoxing, or withdrawal. You may have even completed this challenging step on your own. But alcoholism is a mental health condition, and the compulsion to drink often remains after you stop drinking. We address the mental health aspect through a combination of:

  • Psychiatric Medication – There is no medical “cure” for alcoholism, but medications like naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprosate can help reduce alcohol cravings. Medications for depression and anxiety can also manage other mental health conditions that can worsen alcoholism.
  • Talk Therapy – Much of recovery depends on redirecting your thoughts when you want to drink and managing the triggers that lead to drinking, such as social pressure or stress. We will help you create goals and stay on track to reach them.
  • Other Resources and Skills – Depending on your situation, it may be helpful to make healthy lifestyle changes or build a support system. We can help you get the resources you need to maintain your overall health.

Our alcoholism treatment in Dallas is generally ongoing, adjusting as you make strides to sobriety or healthy drinking habits. This means you can always expect a tailored treatment that grows as you do.

Why Choose Aware Behavioral Health for Your Dallas Addiction Treatment?

Alcoholism recovery can be a long and challenging process, but you can depend on Dr. Sehdev and the team at Aware Behavioral Health to be there for you as you recover and beyond. Dr. Sehdev is a compassionate and experienced Dallas psychiatrist who is dedicated to helping his patients be their best.

We provide alcohol recovery treatment in Bedford, Fort Worth, Dallas, Southlake, and other communities in the DFW area. Our telepsychiatry makes it possible to meet with Dr. Sehdev from the comfort of your home.

Get started with a confidential conversation today by calling Aware Behavioral Health or using the contact form here on our site.

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