Benefits of Virtual Psychiatry

As a result of changes in the medical industry during COVID and advances in communications technology, virtual healthcare is likely here to stay. For clients seeking psychiatry and mental health care services, telepsychiatry offers many benefits that can be extremely valuable in helping you get the customized care that you need.

Why Consider Telepsychiatry in Dallas

Psychiatry can provide solutions to a range of different problems. It can help with depression, anxiety, ADHD, addiction, and a range of other disorders that can be difficult, if not impossible, to cope with on your own.

While in-person psychiatry has long provided solutions for these different challenges, telepsychiatry goes a step further and can make it more comfortable and convenient to get the help that you need by offering all of the following advantages:

  • More Comfortable – With telepsychiatry, you are able to speak with your psychiatrist from your own home. This means no unfamiliar waiting rooms or clinical offices that can amplify your stress and anxiety.
  • Greater Accessibility – People who are ill, have extreme anxiety, or suffer from mobility issues cannot easily get to in-person therapy. Virtual psychiatry lets you meet safely with a psychiatrist.
  • Scheduling Convenience – There is no need for commuting and sitting in traffic, and you can schedule your psychiatry appointment at a time that works well for you without having to worry about losing multiple hours of your day.
  • Better Privacy – Because there can still often be a stigma around seeking mental health care, the greater privacy in being able to meet with a psychiatrist from your home can help you feel more relaxed.

As a psychiatrist in Dallas, Dr. Sehdev at Aware Behavioral Health can work with patients throughout the area. Even if you are too far for an in-person visit, our virtual psychiatry in Dallas makes it possible to get mental health care in a way that works for you. Contact us through the form or call us to get started.

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