Determining If Your Teenager Has Depression

The teenage years can be difficult. Many adolescents are just starting to figure out how to manage and express their emotions. Coupled with the stresses of school, friends, work, and the future, moodiness is not uncommon in young adults.

But depression in teenagers is also common, with about 20% of people experiencing symptoms of clinical depression before they reach adulthood. Yet fewer than half of these young adults receive treatment because they do not know how to reach out, or do not understand what they are experiencing.

The symptoms of adolescent depression can be different from what adults experience. Being able to recognize these symptoms as depression in your children or in teenagers you work with can help you get them effective treatment before symptoms can get worse.

Signs of Depressions in Teens

Many teens will not tell you outright that they are depressed. Some will not understand that what they are feeling is actually clinical depression. They may still exhibit behaviors and emotions such as:

Neglecting depression in teens can have serious consequences. It can impact their school work and relationships, making high school years even more difficult. Suicide, an extreme consequence of depression, is the third leading cause of death among young adults.

Luckily, most teens respond well to treatment for depression. If you have noticed these symptoms in your adolescent or have another reason to suspect they may be feeling depressed, adolescent depression treatment in Dallas at Aware Behavioral Health can give your teen the tools to reduce depression symptoms.

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