Why Seek Treatment for Panic Disorder? 

Why Seek Treatment for Panic Disorder? 

Why Seek Treatment for Panic Disorder?  150 150 Aware Behavioral Health

A panic attack is a frightening emotional and physiological event. During the attack, a person is overwhelmed with a sense of fear and experiences an activation of the fight or flight reaction, including rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and muscle tension in such a way that a panic attack can even feel like a heart attack.

When you have panic disorder, you may experience these panic attacks frequently. In the moments where you feel fine, you could still be left dreading the next panic attack or on edge waiting for one of your triggers, until it feels like panic disorder has taken over your life. Fortunately, you do not have to live this way you can and psychiatry offers many benefits in the process of helping you reduce the panic attacks you experience. 

How a Dallas Psychiatrist Can Help with Panic Disorder

Psychiatrists can use a range of different treatments for patients who experience panic disorder, adapting the different methods to create a specific treatment plan to fit each patient’s needs:

  • Medication for Immediate Relief – A psychiatrist can prescribe medications for panic disorder that will help to reduce the symptoms you experience during panic attacks, reducing the number and severity of panic attacks you have.
  • Better Understanding of Panic Disorder – During treatment, your psychiatrists can share more information about panic disorder and what is occurring when you experience a panic attack. This can help you feel less embarrassed and out of control when a panic attack happens to you.
  • Build a Support System – Treatment for panic disorder also gives you the means to more effectively discuss with friends and family what you are experiencing so that they have a better understanding of how they can help you during a panic attack or at other times when panic disorder might be actively affecting you. 
  • Developing Coping Skills – Talk therapy can help you establish coping skills to manage symptoms and regain control of your mind and body during a panic attack. 
  • Long Term Medication – If appropriate, a psychiatrist can prescribe medications that will help manage panic disorder or other mental health conditions that contribute to panic attacks in the long run.

At Aware Behavioral Health, we work with many patients with panic disorder in Dallas and Fort Worth, providing individualized treatment solutions that focused specifically on your challenges. Let us help you stop panic attacks from interrupting your life so you can get back to all of the things you love to do. Make an initial appointment at Aware Behavioral Health to get started.

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