ADHD Signs in Adults 

Because next month is ADHD Awareness Month, it is a good time to go over the signs and symptoms of ADHD. Very often, this mental health condition is underdiagnosed, particularly in adults. A significant reason for that is that the best-known symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are those that children experience. Those who struggle with ADHD as adults can experience the condition in different ways. 

By knowing how ADHD most often presents, patients can conduct a self-screening process to determine if they are potentially living with ADHD, making it easier to then get the help they need.

How ADHD Affects Adults

Almost 10% of children and teenagers are diagnosed with ADHD and about 4% of adults. As this data indicates, many people who have ADHD as children find that the symptoms fade or even go away completely by the time they reach adulthood. In fact, only about 60% of children with ADHD have ADHD as adults.

But on the other hand, ADHD can also develop as a person ages into adulthood. If this is the case or if ADHD went undiagnosed when you were a child, you may be dealing with ADHD as an adult, and receiving treatment and medication for it could help you manage some of the different challenges. Signs of ADHD in adults can include:

  • Restless energy, fidgeting, and an inability to sit still.
  • Impatience with anything that requires waiting.
  • Excessive talking, including interrupting others and talking when not appropriate.
  • Inclination towards active jobs and activities.
  • Dislike of activities that require sitting for long periods, such as meetings or movies.
  • Reckless behaviors.

ADHD symptoms can cause challenges at work, in school, and as you perform daily tasks. They can also lead to frustration, anxiety, and in dangerous situations which makes it important to understand ADHD and seek treatment when it is impacting you.

The World Health Organization has an adult ADHD self screener that can provide some quick insight to check if the symptoms you have may be indicative of ADHD. Meeting with a psychiatrist who is experienced in treating adults with ADHD can also be valuable.

If you have reason to believe that your symptoms are ADHD, a psychiatrist in Dallas like Dr. Sehdev at Aware Behavioral Health can confirm your symptoms and diagnosis. With our extensive experience in treating a variety of mental health conditions, we can also move forward with the process of finding an effective treatment for adult ADHD. Send us a message to share more about your symptoms and we will get started with an initial appointment.

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