What to Expect from a QbTest

The QbTest is a new diagnostic test used on patients with ADHD. It can also be a little intimidating, especially for those that have never encountered it before. It is not a paper test or a verbal test, like other diagnostic methodologies. Instead, it is a test that utilizes technology to capture specific movements and activities that are often seen in those with ADHD.

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About QB Testing: What to Expect

Qb Testing is a newer diagnostic tool that tracks attention, focus, and motion through digital stimuli – symbols that you see on a computer. The test asks you to click on the symbol when you see it. That is the entirety of the test. The test lasts roughly 15 to 30 minutes, and may vary slightly based on the preferences of your psychiatrist.

While you are taking the test, separate devices in front of and behind you are monitoring your movements through infrared cameras. You also have a device you wear on your head that will help the devices capture movements. These devices are able to measure things like attention, head movements, and reaction speeds. Meanwhile, the test itself is measuring mistakes that you make identifying the symbols. Don’t be too concerned about making mistakes – many people will make mistakes with the symbols, or may get something wrong. Those mistakes do not necessarily have any effect on the score.

What psychiatrists are looking for is data related to the movements. They’re looking at where a person’s attention is, the movements they make, and more. It is this data that psychiatrists use to get a better idea of whether or not someone has ADHD, using information that would not necessarily have otherwise been seen during other types of assessments.

What’s Next: Additional Diagnostic Testing

The QbTest is a new, fascinating way for psychiatrists like Dr. Sehdev to better diagnose ADHD. It is able to provide data that cannot easily be seen by even the most skilled psychiatrists. However, it does not diagnose ADHD by itself. It is also combined with other diagnostic testing, along with an assessment from your psychiatrist.

Still, thanks to the QbTest, we are now better able to diagnose ADHD than we were previously, especially in those that may had ADHD but may not have qualified for a diagnosis based on other, more traditional tests.

For more information about Qb tests, ADHD, or something else related to your psychiatric health, please contact Aware Behavioral Health, today.

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